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Arizona's Lovely Miss Sharron posing with "HELLCAT"





"HELLCAT" shown in operation next to the "Bipolar-Kitty" 







TYPE: Bipolar Tesla Coil

LENGTH: 11 feet (3.35 meters)

HEIGHT:  9 feet (2.74 meters)

WEIGHT:  approx. 666 pounds (300kg)

PRIMARY COIL DIAMETER: 46 inches (1.17 meters)

SECONDARY COIL: 21 x 72 inches ( 0.53 x 1.83 meters)

PRIMARY TURNS:    6T =  ~ 90uh inductance

SECONDARY TURNS: approx. 2200T #20AWG (2.25 miles)

MAJOR CORONA RINGS: 36 x 6 inches (900 x 150 cm)

MINOR CORONA RINGS: really special metal 

STINGER SPACING: 9 feet (2.74 meters)

SPARK GAP: 6 feet (1.83 meters)

OUTPUT FREQUENCY: 27.0 kilohertz


OUTPUT VOLTAGE: approx. 500kV

OUTPUT VOLUME LEVEL (db) at 5 meters: pretty loud

BUILD TIME: approx. 1 year









The "pyramid style" base cabinet is manufactured from ultra-durable and tough 13-ply Baltic Mahogany plywood.  

Inside the box is visible the Quad CM-600 Power Inverter and Power Supply. 

Sitting on top of the special micarta cradle (we'll talk about this later) are the various "cuts" of Polycarbonate (Lexan) material that will be used for building and assembling the high voltage parts of the coil. These pieces were precision cut on a  water jet table to insure accurate assembly.

Note the "tombstones" on the right of the pile. These will support the actual weight and stress of the secondary and accessories. These "tombstones" (so named after their shape) are a very critical key component to the structural integrity of the bipolar coil. 

Polycarbonate was used throughout as the material of choice due to it's superior strength compared to ordinary Acrylic. This is important when you consider that you might have to actually move the coil safely across the floor!




A closer look at one of the tombstones attached to the drilled and tapped micarta cradle.





2 x 4 inch phenolic resin plywood (micarta) was used for the cradle assembly. Cutting the grooves in the micarta required use of a milling machine. This material is physically very strong, made for very high voltage withstand and resists weight related warpage far better than anything else we could find. Besides; it's got a "cool wood grain" to boot.   




Here's a look at the coil winding jig and the finished secondary coil winding




Close-up of secondary. Note the metal flake paint job!




The Final Count on Coats of Varnish




Miss Sharron inside the secondary coil form




Getting ready to lift the completed secondary coil into place




Secondary coil shown secured to the micarta cradle




Primary coil shown ready for installation




A lifting jack was used to hold secondary coil steady during installation of the primary coil. The right hand tombstone was removed to facilitate placement of the primary coil




Primary coil being carefully installed onto the micarta cradle




Primary coil successfully placed and tombstone reinstalled. Protective covering on secondary shown being removed





Steel bolts used during construction of the primary coil are being removed and replaced with nylon bolts




Hellcat Bipolar Tesla Coil shown completed and ready for installation of primary cap bank and power inverter




Close-up view of power inverter and primary cap bank




Photograph of first bolt of lightning produced during initial tune-up.  This event occurred on October 27, 2015 at 2030 hours local Arizona time. All uncertainty was finally proven and laid to rest!


Thank you and kind regards from the Audiotesla team.



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