We can't tell the whole story of the advent of the Table
Top Tesla Coil without mentioning our recollections and thoughts on some of the people and events that have been instrumental in changing the way we build the present day Tesla Coil.

First of all; there was no internet, most coilers never considered using top loads (corona rings), tank capacitance was usually quite low with lots of turns on the primary and secondaries were generally long and thin, and considering running a coil on DC was never an option. We didn't have a forum for discussion until Harry Goldman published the first TCBA Newsletter!

During the 1980's, much of this would change with the work of people like Bill Wysock, Greg Leyh and Richard Hull to name a few. We honor those before us for the discoveries they have made and generously passed on to us, the scientific experimenter, who share a love for the work of Nikola Tesla.

Followed here are some our viewsTop

Jeff Mullins

Henry Hurrass